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What sets us apart from the competition?

You can buy a vehicle from anybody or any place. However, you want to buy the right vehicle at the right price and NOT spend a fortune on it after the purchase. There are three primary reasons we can give you the statistical advantage in order to make that absolute reality.

For starters, we do not buy vehicles that are overly complicated system wise or that possibly could be extremely expensive to repair. After twenty-three years in the automobile business, we know which vehicles statistically last longer with lower repair and maintenance costs. Secondly, we purchase many of our vehicles privately and are able to test drive them extensively before and after they are purchased. This allows us to pinpoint any problems and repair them LONG before they are advertised for sale. Finally, we warranty almost every vehicle we sell and include the bumper to bumper warranty in the price!

Given the risk between buying a vehicle “As-Is” or with a warranty, which would you choose providing that the condition, miles and price were similar? Unfortunately, everyday, people spend their hard earned money on a substandard vehicle without a warranty and end up stuck with major repair bills or a vehicle that does not even run! That will NOT happen at Scott Family Motors. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Tim & Jenny Scott

Scott Family Motors

"Convicted and passionately dedicated to provide an exemplary product at a fair price"

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Business Philosophy

Using twenty years of experience, we pledge to our family, friends and the general public to provide a mechanically superior vehicle that will serve them in any capacity for many years to come. We will be diligent in our efforts to provide this type of product and with a lack of overhead strive to provide that product at a price that cannot be matched by the competition.

Business Hours

Business Hours
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Saturday is dedicated to family ----- Select appointments are available.
Sunday is dedicated to the Lord.
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